virtual bookkeeping services

Bookkeeper360 Features, Pricing & Alternatives 2022

Bookkeeper360 was founded in 2012 and offers cloud-based bookkeeping, business advisory services, and accounting. Bookkeeper360 is a Xero Platinum Partner and offers seamless integration with Xero’s cloud-based accounting software. Prices start at $399/month for companies that have up to $20,000 per month in expenses. New customers receive 20% off their first three months.


  • Consultations are free
  • Compatible with Xero Online and QuickBooks Online
  • A wide range of services and customized solutions are available
  • There is no contract; you can cancel at any time
  • It is easy to set up and takes about one to two weeks.


  • It is not as cheap as other online bookkeepers
  • You can’t integrate FreshBooks
  • While the starting prices of each service can be found online, pricing is mostly based on quotes.
  • A $500 retainer is required to start a pay-as-you-go plan

When should you use Bookkeeper360

  • Businesses using Xero Online and QuickBooks Online: Bookkeeper360 is the best online booking service for Xero users due to its scalability, seamless integration with Xero accounts, and affordability.
  • Start-ups and growing companies: It offers scalable and customizable solutions, as well as add-on services like payroll and human resource (HR) solutions, tax filing, and chief financial officer advisory (CFO).
  • Companies use accrual-based accounting. Accrual accounting can be used with Bookkeeper360. It includes deferred revenue and inventory as well as accrued expenses.
virtual bookkeeping services

Bookkeeper360 New Feature 2023

Bookkeeper360 customers can now access Marketplace. This section lists all third-party software that integrates with Bookkeeper360. Apps can be accessed in the following categories: payroll, payments, and eCommerce.

  • Capital for national business
  • gusto
  • a2x

Bookkeeper360 Marketplace allows you to connect third-party apps with Bookkeeper360 services. These services offer exclusive discounts for new customers. Not all third-party integrations provide special discounts or offers.

Bookkeeper360 Pricing

Bookkeeper360 is a top-quality software and bookkeeping service. It scored low on pricing due to its high price compared with other services. Our research suggests that small businesses might find the services too expensive for their limited budgets.

These services offer many solutions for business owners. However, due to the different prices of each service, the final cost may vary. Here are the prices for Bookkeeper360’s core bookkeeping services. Additional services, such as payroll, taxes, and human resources (HR), are available at an additional charge.

If you want to do virtual bookkeeping, you can decide whether you want a month-to-month commitment or a week-by-week commitment. Virtual bookkeeping services are also very beneficial for your growing business.

For the first three months, new customers receive 20% off their monthly service fee

Tax & Consulting Services

Bookkeeper360 provides tax services, including individual and business income tax filings and local tax filings. They also provide 1099 reporting and general tax planning and compliance. Tax advisory is included in the tax services. You can consult your tax advisor about tax-related issues.

The Bookkeeper360 team will help you analyze your finances and create a plan to grow and manage your business with the CFO advisory program. This service also includes business coaching and capital management. A CFO can help you optimize your business, reduce costs and maximize profits by organizing and monitoring effectively.

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The CFO can help you determine and evaluate key performance indicators, perform profitability analysis, develop a growth strategy and optimize cash flow. The CFO can help you plan for expansion and provide capital advice.

Personal Bookkeeper

After you enroll, you will be assigned a dedicated accountant who will help you determine the best strategy to support your business. Bookkeeper360 provides United States-based bookkeepers for your business. Bookkeeper360 employees are not freelancers or contractors. You can reach them by phone, or schedule unlimited meetings with your bookkeeper.

If you have any questions, you can also contact your adviser via the Tasks section. Instead, you can set up a task with your bookkeeper and wait for their response. Because communication takes place within Bookkeeper360, this feature is very convenient.

Bookkeeper360 will assign a bookkeeper to you. They will talk with you by phone and create a service plan that suits your needs. This includes setting the frequency of service and deciding if you need additional services such as tax filing, payroll, HR, or payroll. You’ll then connect Bookkeeper360 with either QuickBooks or Xero and work together online with your bookkeeper to manage all your finances.

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You can reach your bookkeeper via email, chat, or phone at any time. Meetings to review financial statements are held on a monthly basis. They are conducted over the phone. You will be granted access to the screen by your bookkeeper so you can see your books.

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